A game about pirating cars over the internet, inspired by the 2004 anti-piracy propaganda campaign "Piracy, It's a Crime".

Made for MiniJam 28.


Download Cars from the internet by transferring the required # of PB from the SRC server to the DEST server. If the networks security system reaches your computer you lose.

Data Flow: Select a server with the left mouse button then right-click on a connected server to create a directed data flow. To delete a connection left-click on the connection in the side-panel.

New Connections: select a server with the left mouse button, select the "new connection" skill, then right-click on a server to establish a connection

Disabled Servers: if a server reaches its max capacity it can no longer receive more data. If the SRC security system reaches a server it gets locked and can no longer send or receive data, to re-enable a locked server  select the "free" skill and right click on it

Wall: Select the "wall" skill and right click on a server to make it a wall. Walls permanently block all incoming data and security.

Navigation: Mouse wheel to zoom, hold middle mouse button to pan

"Synergistic Effects"
by Mr. Pepino

2018 - Licensed under
Creative Commons
Attribution (3.0)


you-wouldnt-download-a-car-osx.zip 23 MB
you-wouldnt-download-a-car-win.zip 21 MB
you-wouldnt-download-a-car-lin.zip 23 MB

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